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The purpose of this program is to provide proper and uniform training for persons who desire to become skilled journeymen through an orderly method of improving the mechanical skill and technical knowledge of apprentices in this industry. 

- It is a five (5) year apprenticeship with four (4) years of schooling.  The schooling is held at our Apprenticeship Training Facility in the evenings, after work.
- High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED) is preferred
- Age 18 or over Good physical condition. No respiratory problems.

- Salary: Apprentices’ wages are percentage of Journeyman's scale, increasing to 100% at completion of program and required hours of on the job training.
- Health and Welfare Plan
- Pension Plan
- Life Insurance
- Social Activities

Application Deadlines
Applications are taken the first (1st) and third (3rd) Monday of every month, except holidays, at 9:00 AM. Please bring $25 application fee, check or MO

Our trade consists of insulating heating and air conditioning systems, domestic water and plumbing pipes in commercial buildings, power plants, and sometimes residential developments.  The materials we use consist of fiberglass, calcium silicate, foamed rubber products, insulating foams and loose fill products. We are also in the asbestos abatement industry.  We are trained and certified in asbestos removal and fitted with proper safety equipment. 

We also have a pre-apprenticeship program which we call our "Improver" program.  This person is in the Union but not in the Apprenticeship Program and is able to go to work on the same jobs and get a good feel for our trade while getting valuable on the job experience which could help him/her in becoming  accepted in the Apprenticeship program. 

Anyone interested in our Apprenticeship or Improver programs, please call for further information, Monday thru Friday at (301) 725-2400.

Apprenticeship and Training Director
Jim Hoos
Insulators and Allied Local # 24
901 Montgomery Street
Laurel, MD  20707
Phone: (301) 725-2400
Fax: (410) 559-9923